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First, I have a disclosure to make. This blog is all things karate from the perspective of Adam Frey, a.k.a. Frey Sensei, a.k.a. my love–he’s my husband. I don’t have a strong martial arts background; I think maybe my brother took Taekwondo when I was little and my daughter took it for a year or two. I do have hundreds of cumulative hours listening, discussing, learning, and watching (and every now and then, practicing) Ryukyu Kempo with Adam.

He’s the real deal. No conversation is complete without a martial arts analogy. The Dojo Kun are rules he lives by and upholds, even when it’s hard, in all areas of his life. He constantly tries to work more practice time into his days. His kata are fluid and fierce but he wants them to be better. Through job changes there were two things he refused to give up: time with his family and teaching karate.

He has a lot to say about martial arts.

The aim of this blog is to unpack some of the myths and misconceptions around karate; to explore the origins, benefits, and future of Ryukyu Kempo; be thoughtful about violence, life protection vs. self-defense, and roles karate can play in our society; and talk a lot about the Karate Kid–Adam argues that Daniel is the bad guy, friends. Writing a blog would be torture for him (we have fidget toys in every room of our house) and I think he’s got ideas worth sharing. So let us know what you think as we go and if there’s something you want him to address. And I’ll try to do it justice.