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Bodies and Minds

One student at a time, Wa Sen Shi Kan (the Place of the Peaceful Warrior) Dojo builds character, perseverance, strength, and confidence with the practice of traditional martial arts. All students are welcome regardless of fitness, background, or skill level as long as they bring their best.

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Our students learn to perform under pressure, take risks, and believe in themselves. Through practice they develop trust in their abilities from the first time they step into the dojo.


We build character just like we build strength–through practice. In class, our students speak and act respectfully to each other and instructors. Our instructors model a respectful attitude in interactions with students and staff. Practice makes permanent!


One of the main rules we follow is to cultivate perseverence and a will for striving. Our students know there is no harm in failure–in fact, if we try new things and push ourselves, we’ll fail often. But we don’t give up. Our karateka (practitioners of karate) try, try again, and know if they don’t quit they’ll acheive more than they ever thought possible.

Wa Shen Shi Kan is part of Open Hand, a nonprofit that uses the principles and practices of traditional martial arts to develop a stronger, more connected, and empowered community. Values like inclusion, responsibility, perseverance, honesty, and compassion guide our work in and out of the dojo and extend far beyond the physical practice of karate.

We believe everyone can benefit from a welcoming place to work hard, strive, and be accepted no matter where you start. Wa Sen Shi Kan is the martial arts practice arm of Open Hand, using Ryukyu Kempo Karate as a tool to build stronger minds and bodies. We focus on self-improvement and cooperation instead of competition, and real-world application of karate techniques with an emphasis on protection of self and those around you. We believe in conflict avoidance and resolution first. Our karateka are fierce and capable, but you’ll see them stopping fights, not starting them. Our students develop strength, confidence, respect, and awareness. 

Open Hand will have its own website soon. Stay tuned!   

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Dojo Kun

(School Rules of Conduct)

More than technique, the Dojo Kun are the most important part of the practice of Ryukyu Kempo Karate. These rules provide a framework for building good moral character both in and out of the dojo. 

1.  Strive for a good moral character.

2.  Keep an honest and sincere way.

3.  Cultivate perseverance or a will for striving.

4.  Develop a respectful attitude.

5.  Restrain my physical abilities through spiritual attainment.

Belt testing in karate can be intense but the students bring it! Here, they’re practicing a kata before demonstrating it without Sensei’s help. 

Sensei Says

What’s so great about karate? How is a martial art, which seems like it’s about fighting, supposed to help people develop better character? Is it true that Sensei is a HUGE karate nerd? 

Wasenshikan’s founder, Sensei Adam Frey, discusses the ins-and-outs of karate in this blog series.

Cultivate Perseverance and a Will for Striving

A few days ago at the United Ryukyu Kempo Alliance headquarters near Kansas City, Adam Frey tested and earned his third-degree black belt from the URKA. Black belt tests stretch over two grueling days of training and evaluation, including interviews to judge--among...

Let’s Start with A Confession

Image from The Karate Nerd: https://goo.gl/images/kdzRUp First, I have a disclosure to make. This blog is all things karate from the perspective of Adam Frey, a.k.a. Frey Sensei, a.k.a. my love--he’s my husband. I don’t have a strong martial arts background; I think...

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